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Witchdoctor is a support-type Exosuit developed by Aibius in Exoprimal.


A support suit that synergizes well with allies. Its abilities focus on repairing and buffing others. It also features attacks that can paralyze saurian targets. Witchdoctor can quickly leap around the battlefield and make use of abilities that repair damage and grant buffs like faster movement speed.


Skill Name Description Information Example
Neuro Rod Uses the electric current from your staff to inflict continuous damage to enemies in front of you. Can paralyze dinosaurs. Damage Values:
  • Against Exofighters: 10
  • Against Raptors: 2
  • Against Carnotaurus: 16
Feed Heals allies and boosts their movement speed. Can be used to steal energy from enemies and fully charge the Neuro Rod. Also limits enemy movement. Healing: 250

Cooldown: 13 seconds

  • Cooldown is reduced to 9 seconds when using the Adrenaline Feed module.
Rescue Leap Sends you barreling forward at high speed. Press [Space] for an additional jump.

Cooldown: 12 seconds

  • Cooldown is reduced to 6 seconds when using the Quick Leap module.
Repair Field Produces a field that continuously heals all allies located within it.

Total healing: 175

  • Total healing increased to 225 when using the Repair Boost module.

Cooldown: 16 seconds

Duration: 6 seconds

OD: Vital Aura Releases a huge amount o f condensed Hi-Xol that fully restores all allied health and greatly boosts defense. Limits nearby enemies' movement.
Glide Press [Space] in mid-air to glide.
  • (Witchdoctor α) - Quantum Rod: A rod that fires a beam of energy that repairs allies, damages enemies, and paralyzes dinosaurs. The beam's effects will increase the longer it is focused on a target.
    • Damage Values:
      • Against Exofighters: 17-23-28
      • Against Raptors: 7-9-11
      • Against Carnotaurus: 13-18-23


Modules are collectable items that are used to upgrade Exosuits. The specific effects of the modules (at max level) are listed below.

Slot 1

Slot 2

Slot 3



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