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Capcom Showcase 06/13/22

  • 1 Capcom Showcase 2022
    • 1.1 Game Modes
    • 1.2 New Exosuits
    • 1.3 Closed Network Test
    • 1.4 Check out the new trailer below!

Exoprimal is a team-based action game set to release in 2023 for next-gen and current-gen systems.

Dino Survival is the primary story mode of the game. The Artificial Intelligence known as Leviathan is forcing humans in exosuits to compete in repeated war games featuring dinosaurs. Why is he repeating the war games? Why are their dinosaurs? The mystery will be unraveled in the Dino Survival game mode.

As for the different war games, there are five types of combat scenarios:

  • Dinosaur Cull: Eliminate a specific dinosaur.
  • Vtol Defense: Protect a grounded aircraft from hordes of dinosaurs.
  • Data Key Security: Escort an asset.
  • Omega Charge: Use the…

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